Affordable Resumes for Everyone

Our Mission    

A $5 investment in your future can change your life!

5 Dollar Resume Today was started with the average American in mind. Not everyone has a relative or a friend that can craft their resume for them and other folks might not have the money to pay for expensive resume services online. But, these factors should not inhibit people from trying to become productive members of our great country.

Our company also focuses on empowering our youth, veterans, senior citizens and incarcerated persons by conducting outreach and providing professional development services at their host locations free of charge. We believe that an investment in our fellow countrymen is the best way to contribute to our nation’s prosperity.

We’re here to create your new resume at the most affordable price available on the market: $5.99! Our goal is to empower you to access the American workforce and land your dream job. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to create your resume.